Weekend Playlist: Bit.Trip Racing

July 20, 2009


It has been a while since we have done a weekend playlist, so I thought I might pipe up and throw one at you. Of course, I spent time playing Bit.Trip Core. But the Wii didn’t take up all of my gaming time this weekend.

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New Classics: Bit.Trip CORE!

July 16, 2009


The above picture is of three guys. It may look as though it’s just 3 zany guys rocking some xbox having a grand old time. My friends, this is not true. If you look really close, gaze deep into the windows to their very souls, you will find that this is a picture of three sadists, bent on my destruction. Their new game, Bit.Trip Core is delicious, and yet, it will be my undoing. More just a click away…
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New Classics: Bit. Trip Beat

March 26, 2009
That's the easy part.

That's the easy part.

I got a very kind email recently from Chris Osborn of Gaijin Games, designers of Bit. Trip Beat, commenting on my Bit Museum show and how he enjoyed it. It was the perfect opportunity to tell him that I had been following the news on their project since I first heard about it, and planned on picking it up as soon as it was launched.

Well, having finally given it some play time and enduring my fair share of bleeding eyeballs (it’s all good, Chris!) I can report that this is, indeed, a New Classic.
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Well, that didn’t take long…

December 28, 2008


It would appear the problems that the US version of Club Nintendo suffers from continue. Japan has had it for years. It was announced for the US in October, and all of us Nintendo fanboys (of which I am a proud member) waited, balanced between euphoria and insanity, for the day when our favorite company would give us Club Nintendo. It has since been launched and…what the hell happened?

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Oh, Come On! Ultimate Shooting Collection Wii Delayed….AGAIN.

December 9, 2008



In another nearly predictable event in a string of bad fortune against a Western release of Radiligy, Ultimate Shooting Collection for Wii has yet again been delayed.
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Bit Museum #1: Obscure Nintendo Consoles from the 1970’s

December 3, 2008

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Nintendo’s Slapstick Homebrew Battle Makes Us All Suffer

December 3, 2008

leave it alone, Nintendo.

These days, the glowing blue light on my Wii console can only mean one thing: Nintendo has taken another futile stab at the Homebrew community and masked it as some crappy Wii Menu Update. What is it this time, Nintendo? Did you change the color of a button? Change the spacing of the channels by 5 pixels? What nonsense are you forcing me to download this time?

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