Gamefly…or LAMEfly.

February 9, 2009


Ok, I know, that was a really stupid play on Gamefly’s name, but I have a bone to pick with the company. I have been a loyal, paying customer for a long time and, I’ve seen it go from an awesome service to a….less than awesome service. Please read on.
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The In Crowd

February 5, 2009
Posted by: Antonio Manuel

What the hell is it with the gaming industry and its writers? I’ve already read several reviews for Killzone 2 and a good number of them refer to some “infamous” demonstration from 2005 or 2006. What about that demonstration? What was so infamous about it? Care to elaborate?

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It really is new, we promise….

January 21, 2009

Would you buy a product labeled “new” if it was previously opened? No matter the circumstance under which is was opened. Let’s have a hypothetical. You are in a store, and are staring at two products on a shelf, both exactly the same, and for the same price. The difference between these two products is that one is wrapped nicely in manufacturer’s cellophane, and the other has been opened. The opened one does not appear to be damaged in any way, nor is it missing any of the packaging contents. Which one would you pick up to purchase? A story, and a discussion inside.
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How about a little creativity?

January 9, 2009
Posted by: Antonio Manuel

Look away, I'm hideous!

That ugly mug comes from Ninja Blade, an Xbox360 game by From Software, due for release early this year. Beholding this screenshot a single thought crossed my mind: “Here’s yet another game full of monotone, disfigured, festering, puss-filled monsters”. Is this the best these guys can come up with? More of the same old crap we’ve seen since Doom and which turned into a tired cliche some time after the release of Quake.

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