Bit Museum #5 Coming Soon: WTF is THAT?

August 28, 2009


Bit Museum #5 is in post-production and is close to being ready to be thrown into your face like a sloppy, wet bag of fascinating retro gaming treasures.

That weird yella-fella above is making an important appearance in the next episode…but what on earth is that thing? It’s as if a yellow piece of toast sprang to life.


Bit Museum #4 Is Almost Ready…Super Secret Magical Console Will Blow Your Mind.

July 8, 2009
Bow Chicka-Bow Wow.

Bow Chicka-Bow Wow.

Yeah, that totally looks like I may have my junk on the table there and I mosaiced it out. I guess in a sense it IS my junk, just not THAT kind of junk.

We always have interesting, wacky and crazy junk on the Bit Museum, and this is perhaps the wackiest and rarest yet. But what could it be? We will be amused by your speculations. Comment away for our amusement.

I know, I know…it’s been a STUPID long time since we put out a new show, but we’re aiming for a release next week. Stay tuned.

Jay in L.A.: Chiptunes, Burgers & Twiistup

February 12, 2009
Everyone in L.A. dresses FAR better than I.

Everyone in L.A. dresses FAR better than I.

I’ve been in L.A. for a almost a week, and I have been having some adventures with the gang from Robotube Games as well as our close pals at Heavybag Media. The Heavybag people help us put together Bit Museum, and they do a lovely job at it. I came out here for the amazing Twiistup event, but I’m doing all kinds of zany stuff as well, like shoveling giant In ‘N’ Out Burgers into my jaws.

While visiting with Heavybag Media in Los Angeles, I found that the team has got some interesting tastes in video games, so I decided to talk with them about some of the gear at their office. Stay tuned for new Peek/Poke episodes, featuring Nick Dynice and his insane Chiptune-making gear, and Violet Lim as she plays Pac-Man Plus on the new Retro Arcade Plug n’ Play TV Game.

Also, come back soon to check out some awesome footage from this year’s Twiistup!

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Bit Museum #3 Next Week!

January 24, 2009

Bit Museum #3: Now With 50% More Screaming!

It’s a comin’! Get ready for some weird gaming goodness with Jason and the Bit Museum crew hitting your favorite interweb computer box next week.

And look out for a SPECIAL GUEST!

Bloktonik iPhone Screenshots

January 6, 2009


We’ve been really hard at work getting Bloktonik for the iPhone ready to launch! The fun part about porting a game to a new platform is the opportunity to rethink some of the superficial aspects, like sounds and graphics, as long as the core gameplay is intact.

We just redesigned the “difficulty faces” on the select screen and we think it’s a big improvement over the old ones. Check out a couple screens after the jump.
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Street Fighter 4 Limited Edition Arcade Fightstick

December 29, 2008


Looks like I am going to have to post about this. I told our illustrious blog leader about it and he grabbed his crotch and ran into the bathroom. It seems Madcatz has landed a deal that allows them to manufacture, in limited quantities, of course, the official arcade controller for Street Fighter 4. More info and a video of the un-boxing inside.

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Sorry…currently not quite regular.

December 23, 2008


Is your blog feeling sluggish? Not quite as regular as it used to be? So is ours. It’s just the holidays and we’re kicking back to take a little break, play some games, and delight in the season’s fine delicacies; so much so that getting near a camera to film a new Bit Museum would require a forklift. A greased forklift.

(The grease isn’t to lubricate our being loaded onto it…it’s something for us to munch on while being wheeled to the set.)

Anyway, in January, we’re filming and editing new episodes of Bit Museum nearly ALL MONTH! In the meantime, we’ll stick in an update when we can, and if you’re really good, maybe even an episode of Bit Museum’s small-statured, fast-talking cousin, Peek Poke.

Slappy Holidays to all! We love you. In a “man-hug” sort of way.