New Classics: Bit.Trip CORE!

July 16, 2009


The above picture is of three guys. It may look as though it’s just 3 zany guys rocking some xbox having a grand old time. My friends, this is not true. If you look really close, gaze deep into the windows to their very souls, you will find that this is a picture of three sadists, bent on my destruction. Their new game, Bit.Trip Core is delicious, and yet, it will be my undoing. More just a click away…
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‘Tis the season….for chip tunes!

December 23, 2008


I am about to reveal just how retro gamer nerdy I am. I love chip tunes, I listen to the music played on game systems of the past regularly. Hell, my cell phone ring tones are the level music for several Mega Man 2 stages. I know, it’s that bad. There are those out there much more creative than I am keeping the old NES sound processor alive and well by writing new music on an old medium. There is an entire scene out there for this kind of stuff, and I love it. There are even holiday albums available for FREE! More inside and links to downloads.

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