Bit Museum #4: The Smoke and Mirrors of Entex AdventureVision

July 13, 2009
It's an AdventureVision....holy crap.

It's an AdventureVision....holy crap.

Just when you thought Jason couldn’t find anything weirder or more obscure! Behold the regal Entex AdventureVision.

Straight outta Compton, the AdventureVision is truly a console to behold. With its mere 40 LED lights and one double-sided spinning mirror (!), this portable console achieves a truly mystifying technique of displaying a 40×150 Pixel display, playing some of your arcade favorites in brilliant monochrome.

Pull up a chair and get your eyedrops ready. The AdventureVision is one of game history’s most fascinating and elusive creatures!

Hit the jump to get squirted in the face with a juicy video stream.

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Bit Museum Wins NextTV Award!!

July 10, 2009

Bit Museum took home the Documentary & News award in the NATPE NextTV award hosted at the LATVFest in Los Angeles, CA!

The Documentary & News Category is Sponsored by TruTV, and as winners, we’ll have the chance to pitch Bit Museum or other slightly questionable ideas to execs at TruTV which is more badass than I have vocabulary for.

I was a little nervous that the fart joke I made in Bit Museum Ep #1 would be offputting, but apparently the judges have very good taste in jokes.

Even though I have said it a few billion times already, I cannot thank everyone enough for their support. The great feedback the show has gotten since day 1 has made this the easiest hard work I’ve ever done. And, we absolutely could not have made such a great show without these folks:

Dennis Peters: Director and Co-Producer
Scott Amore, Innerspace Sound Labs: Editor
Bob Sachetti: Audio Genius
Zack Wiesinger: Theme Music
Jackie Peters: Marketing (And Award Acceptance Speech, nice.)
Ed Wilson: Supporting Characters

Thanks guys!!

Bit Museum Takes a Finalist Place in the NATPE/NextTV Contest!

July 8, 2009


To think of all those people who told me them thar videus games wouldn’t ever get me nowhere in life!

Our awesome show about retro, weird and obscure game paraphernalia, Bit Museum, is a finalist in the “News & Documentary” category in the NATPE/NextTV contest!

As a finalist, Bit Museum will be screened to producers of TV and Web content at the prestigious LATV Festival going on today and tomorrow. Wish us luck, as tomorrow the winner of the whole shabang will be announced live on

We want to take this opportunity to thank not only those who got out and voted for Bit Museum to get us this far, but also to the thousands of people who have watched Bit Museum, blogged about it, written to us to tell us how much they love it, and otherwise gave us their kind and enthusiastic support. We started the show out of pure enthusiasm for the history of gaming, and that enthusiasm, now shared with tons of new fans, keeps us even more jazzed about making the show. Thank you everyone!!

Wish us luck!

Bit Museum #3: The Wizard of Odyssey

February 2, 2009


“No, mom! I said an Atari 2600! Look at the picture in the Sears WishBook! Come on, it doesn’t look anything like this!”

Sound familiar? Perhaps it was your own whiny lament on a Christmas morning some decades ago. But buck up! The Magnavox Odyssey 2 was a worthy contender to the Atari 2600, and while it couldn’t stand up against ol’ Wood Grain, it was still a moderately successful Generation 2 cartridge-based game system.

Hit the Jump for Video Goodness.
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Bit Museum #2: TV-Less Gaming in the Early 1980’s

December 15, 2008

You’re a kid in the early 80’s and you are ready to settle down in your plaid sofa with a bowl of Count Chocula in your favorite Dukes of Hazard bowl. But wouldn’t you know it…Dad’s beat you to the TV is already into Barney Miller. You could never pry him away from anything with Abe Vigoda.
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Bit Museum #1: Obscure Nintendo Consoles from the 1970’s

December 3, 2008

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