Bit Museum #5 Coming VERY Soon!

What up playaz? It has been a dreadfully long time, but the latest episode of Bit Museum is finally finished. In fact, episode #5 was delayed for some pretty good reasons. We moved our office out of the location you saw in the previous Bit Museum episodes, so #5 will be the last episode that was filmed in our old New Haven location. New episodes will be filmed in a brand new, totally swanky new place. Stay tuned for details on that!

Anyway, when we moved, ep. #5 sort of got lost in the shuffle, but we were able to resurrect the footage and bring it back, and now we’re just rendering the final cut. It’s coming super soon!!

If you’re new to Bit Museum, you’re definitely in for a real treat.  Bit Museum is a show about video game history and design, with special focus on behind-the-scenes info on obscure, unknown and fascinating pieces from around the world.  If you are a gamer, you owe it to yourself to watch this show.  You’re guaranteed to learn something awesome.


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