Bit.Tonik is Live!

The Gaijin Games/Robotube Games “Battle of the Brands” creation is now online for you to play over at This crazy BIT.TRIP Beat/Bloktonik offspring has been lovingly called “Bit.Tonik”. Awww.

Just a reminder, what you’re about to play is the fruits of 18 hours of non-stop work, without any fixes, clean-ups, polish, or rethinking. We have posted exactly what we promised we would: the imperfect, buggy, not bad/not great product. Check out the write up under the game for more information of what you can expect. Do not adjust your sets…the bugs and other weirdnesses are intentionally left in….for now.

Now that we’ve given everyone what we promised we would, we’re going to start giving it a little more thought. What we did manage to create is a clever mechanic…something pretty unique and interesting. With a little more time, work, fixing, primping and maybe some light tickling, we think we might be able to create something kind of dope out of this.

And…you can expect more little surprises coming soon. A video diary, post-mortem, and other little treats will be coming your way from Gaijin Games and Robotube Games. Oh goodie!

Stay tuned to and for more info, and thanks to Glomag for his awesome audible contributions, and EVERYONE who supported us through this insane experiment!

Enjoy the Holidays! And in the words of Gaijin Games, “Continue rocking on. Over and out.”


One Response to Bit.Tonik is Live!

  1. Kilgore Trout says:

    Haha Holy crap it’s not half bad! Now quit following your passion and make more Bit Museum episodes!

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