Blip Fest “Battle of the Brands” Complete!

A moment of rocking out caught in time.

…and the results are coming soon. Gaijin Games and Robotube are men of our words, and we absolutely promise that we will release the final version to you as-is, without any extra fixin’s or polish…just as it was when we threw in the towel at 3:00AM. The whole point for us was for this to be an experiment. To find out what two companies can do in a super-tight crunch, unprepared.

Alex Neuse making fine artworks.

I’d say we did very well. We ended with some bugs and some weird gameplay issues, but I think we created a clever and fun mechanic that we’d like to further explore. I think the concensus was that we have an 80% finished game.

Right now, though, we rest. Updates, videos, and of course, the game itself, will be available on very soon. Check here and for the deets.

The smooth stylings of Chris Osborne

I dip my toes into Bit.Trip territory


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