Zyrx on Chumby!

Zyrx manages to find itself on yet ANOTHER device. It’s a very sneaky little critter. I wonder if this is the first game to get ported from iPhone to Chumby…

Chumby, one of my new favorite toys, is a fantastic little device that serves up all your favorite bits of the web in a nice, stylish little box. I’ve got mine on my nightstand which, at first glance, is an alarm clock with a suspiciously nice screen…but touch it and it comes to life….there’s my Twitter, email, news, weather…and holy crap, Pandora radio!

And of course, now Zyrx!

If you are in-the-know and among the cool kids to have a Chumby, go get Zyrx now. You will totally enjoy waking up in the morning and having your brain abused before your morning coffee.

Zyrx for Chumby


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