We’re about to make a game in ONE DAY!

Press Release from Gaijin Games & Robotube Games

As we all know, Blip Festival 2009 is almost upon us.

At the festival, the handsome frontman from Robotube Games is going to be collaborating with the totally sexy Gaijin boys on a little experimental Blip Festival inspired video game project. Here are the rules:

1. Try to make a game in one day while at Blip Festival 2009
2. Drink lots of coffee
3. Release the end product to the public, even if we fail miserably

You shall live the results.

And for marketing purposes, we’re calling this fantastic event the BATTLE OF THE BRANDS! Even though we’re collaborating, not battling! And even though we may not even use our existing “brands”. It just sounds so cool. And you know what? We can do whatever we want! It’s our freakin’ deal, so shut up if you feel like it!

We’ll each be updating our sties, blogs, twitters, facebookz, etc.

In the spirit of being indie, we’re flying this plane by the seat of our pants!


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