Robotube Papercraft!

Now you will do my bidding.
(Above model built and submitted by Bill Beckett, New Haven’s original cult classic.)

Back in 2006, we created what can only be described as fly when we made our little IO the Robot papercraft toy. Recently, my Cheesepuff Pals at Gaijin Games, released to the world their own incredible Commander Video papercraft, so I was inspired to dig out our old one and make it available again.

So yeah, I’m totally being all like “me too!” all up in this piece.

So go to it, you wacky asses. Go print this sucker, build it, and revel. Post your pics on the newly launched Robotube Games Facebook Fan Page, which currently has more fans than there are air conditioners in Antarctica.



One Response to Robotube Papercraft!

  1. 2000prelude says:

    Remember I made like 15 of these things while I was bored one day? Still have probably 9 of them. The others met untimely deaths for one reason or another.

    The ones that survived are strategically placed about the house, watching, waiting for the right time to strike!

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