Still Here, Still Workin’. Big Bloktonik Updates!


Hey all you people reading my blog out there. Been busy! Big plans set for the end of this year and into next Spring. Robotube is gonna essplode…can’t give away too much on that right now, but pretty soon.

Been working on updating Bloktonik to a ridiculous degree, prepping it for big happenings next year.

Here’s what I’ve added, for your blowin-stuff-up pleasure:

(Hit the jump for more.)

1) Not one, but THREE kinds of bombs have been added to the game! Score any kind of bonus, earn a bomb. You can store up to three, and deploy them with the spacebar. Here’s the catch: your NEXT block is changed into a bomb, so you gotta strategimize.

2) A Pause button! I know, I know, simple and probably should have been in the game since day one, but it wasn’t, so I’m lame. Now it is, so go on over and pause the game and sit there and do nothing until your heart’s content!

3) New possible secret bonuses to earn: find em yourself!

There are some other little tweaks and trinkets and what-not, but it’s not stuff that would really excite you enough to warrant me taking time to type about it here, even though I just spent quite a bit of time on this lengthy paragraph that explains why I didn’t want to waste time writing about them.

Bloktonik still needs a friggin’ high score board, so I need to get back to work. Talk to you cats later!

Play Bloktonik Now.


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