Space Invaders Extreme 2 is Extremely Too Dope.

Yow…it’s been a while since I’ve typed words and stuff all over this blog. Been sort of busy. You guys know how it is.

Anyway, what better way to make a return than to talk about Space Invaders, only the single greatest video game franchise to ever appear on pretty much EVERY console ever conceived. I believe there’s even a version that will play on my microwave oven display.

What is it about Space Invaders that I simply have to see it played on every platform possible? I mean, the game is always the same, but I feel like Space Invaders is almost like a little diagnostic tool…something that evaluates and manifests all the little quirky nuances of each different piece of hardware it’s able to run on. Having seen the game for 35 years played on its native arcade machine, seeing it on different platforms makes playing a little comparison game so fascinating. So, it’s always a delight when Space Invaders is given a complete overhaul and I’m completely unsure of what to expect.

To call “Space Invaders Extreme 2” an “overhaul” is an understatement. And there, my friends, is the last time I will use quotation marks in this post, I promise.

Video and more after the jump.

Space Invaders Extreme 2, out of the box, looks and feels like more of the same great stuff from the first installment released last year. Still an amazingly fun game with visuals that are absolutely delightful and dazzlingly candy-like. However, what really makes SI2 stand apart from SI1 is the addition of a more thoughtful bonus system: Bingo mode, as much as it conjures up visions of purple haired old ladies huddled in a church hall, is a fantastically addicting little sub-game that makes your choice of Invader-destruction a bit more selective and thought-out. By shooting the right colors of Invaders in the right order, you light up different spots on the Bingo card in an attempt to get 3-in-a-row. If you do, insane amounts of extra point items rain from the skies in what can only be described as a high-score nerd’s dream.

Aside from this new addition, there are loads of other intricate, complex little methods by which to earn bonuses, like a pinballesque set of lamps that are lit by achieving certain goals on each round.

Boss battles are much cooler than the first game, with enemies that take up the whole screen, and have far more aggressive and fancy attack patterns. Also, for those less seasoned, the game allows a beginner mode to be played, with infinite lives and easier attack patterns.

As always, I don’t intend to give a comprehensive review of the game here since reviews are a dime-a-dozen on these here intertubes, but for $20, Space Invaders Extreme 2 is a title you’d be absolutely nuts to pass up. Taito is really on a roll with their revamping of the SI franchise, between SI Extreme, SI Get Even (Wii) and SI Infinity Gene (iPhone).

Taito, if you’re listening, the Wii needs some Extreme action, and how do you NOT put Infinity Gene on the DS? I mean, come on ya crazy bastards! Do it!


2 Responses to Space Invaders Extreme 2 is Extremely Too Dope.

  1. 2000prelude says:

    Is there paddle support?

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