Weekend Playlist: Wolverines In Time.


When I said I wanted to do a Weekend Playlist regularly, I meant regularly according to MY definition. This does not necessarily coincide with YOUR definition of regularly. This weekend I played two games, pretty much. One of them is older and has been out for some time, the other is really old, but recently got a facelift for current generation consoles. Thankfully, it was rainy here on Saturday, perfect excuse to blow the entire day playing games! I love rainy weekends!

So I received Wolverine from Gamefly this past week. Yes, I still have my Gamefly account. I had played the PSN demo some time ago and enjoyed it, so I put it on my Gamefly Q. Naturally, this means Gamefly didn’t mail it out until months later. I began the game sometime last week and finished it late Sunday night. Have you ever been playing a game late at night when you have to get up the next day for work, or school? Of those times, have you ever been close to beating a game, and you are really into it, and you start having this internal dialog with yourself about whether you should stop playing and go to bed? Mine went like this:

Me: Self, it’s getting late and you have to go to work tomorrow.
Me: STFU self. You are lame. I’m fighting DEADPOOL! I almost got this game beat.
Me: Yes, but at what cost? 7:00am is going to show up real early tomorrow if you keep going.
Me: But I almost have him killed! It should only be like another 5 minutes! In the grand scheme of things, 5 minutes shouldn’t…….shit I died. See what you did? I was so close to winning, and now I have to start all over.
Me: Start all over? Are you mad? It’s gonna take you another 15 minutes to beat him, now!
Me: No, it’s cool I got the strategy down, now. See? I already have him like half dead.
Me: Yeah, half dead on the first and easiest phase, you still have phase 2.
Me: STFU noob. I’m tired of your shit. I am finishing this game tonight, and that is final.
Me: Whatever, but tomorrow morning when you are bumming. I don’t wanna hear it.

And here it is, tomorrow morning, and I am bumming. Not too bad, I have certainly had worse next-day-at-works. Yes, I called myself noob, and lame.

In any event, I really enjoyed Wolverine. For a game based on a movie, which are rarely any good, this was fun and engaging. Not the longest game I have ever played, clocking in at 10-15 hours (there is no in-game timer). Fans of the popular God of War games would probably find this game enjoyable, as the game mechanics feel very similar. I played the game on the “normal” difficulty and found it to be on the easy side. If you are a platinum trophy hunter, you will have to play through this game twice in order to get it. The second play-though will need to be on the “hard” difficulty setting. I have read that it is still on the easy side, just not quite so easy. If you like God of War, and you have yet to check out this game, I recommend it. I give it the non-official, un-sanctioned by Jason, Robotube games seal of approval.


The other game featured this week has been out on xBox for a while now, has been seen previously on SNES, and in your local Video Arcade. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time was one of my favorite arcade games when I was just a young whipper-snapper. The number of quarters I used to dump into that game is mind boggling even by today’s inflation-adjusted standards. Now, however, for the pricey sum of $10, and a few hundred megabytes of hard drive space I have a version to call my very own. It has been given a facelift, all the graphics are new and look really good. Thankfully, none of the gameplay seems to have been sacrificed by the new graphics. It feels no different to me than playing it in the arcade now almost 20 years ago.

There are even trophies to collect! Though most of them are not difficult. I managed to get all but one trophy in a matter of a few hours. The hardest one is going to be completing the entire game in “survival” mode. That is, completing the entire game without dying…..at all. Not impossible, but the best I have managed to do so far is to complete the game with Leonardo only dying twice. It will take a little more practice, but I have no problem with that. I will replay this game over and over until my thumbs bleed, and then I will play on bloody stumps. I probably don’t need to tell you to get this game, because if you enjoyed the TMNT arcade games as I did, you likely already know it exists. Even if you didn’t play the arcade games, get the game anyway. GO! NOW!


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