Avocado Man Strikes Back

You can have the shirt off my back!

You can have the shirt off my back!

Remember that mysterious t-shirt I wore in Bit Museum #1? That was a shirt I designed for Shirt.woot.com called “Avocado Man” back in 2007. Now, you can own one yourself! WOOT!

Avocado Man has been added to Shirt.Woot’s “Classic” roster, and is being reprinted for one week, starting today. If you’d like one of these snazzy shoits, head on over and pick one up!

Big thanks to Shirt.Woot.com for selecting Avocado Man for the “Redux” treatment…I’m honored!


3 Responses to Avocado Man Strikes Back

  1. Jason F says:

    Does the Kanji say Avocado man? I only recognize Ka in the center from the dozen characters I know.

  2. jasoncirillo says:

    It’s actually Katakana, and yep, it says “Avocado Man”.

  3. 2000prelude says:

    I can confirm this. Previously, I had to take Jason’s word that the shirt said “Avacado man” and not “I’m a stupid roundeye that enjoys getting things shoved in my butt”. However, recently, I wore my shirt out and someone came up to me and said “Ah, vah, cah, doh, man. what is that about?”, confirming what it says.

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