Weekend Playlist: Trivial Pursuit


There, that was an easy title to write. I didn’t have to come up with any witty smash-ups of multiple game titles since this weekend didn’t include too much game.

However, I did happen to see Trivial Pursuit for Wii at Target for a pittance at $9.99, so I picked it up. I’m one of those guys that revels in the fact that I know horseshoe crabs have blue blood, or that Taiwan used to be called Formosa; you see, I really do love me some trivia.

More after the jump.

Trivial Pursuit on Wii seems like a no-brainer, and though EA did a pretty nice job with converting over the classic board game, it’s not without its flaws. Essentially, the game plays as it should, and is a nice rendition of the game without any real added bells or whistles. The Wii does employ the use of audio/visuals in the questions, though, which I found to enhance the game. However, I don’t know what the graphic design department was smoking when they chose the font size and weight. The question text is so small that I found it impossible to play without my world-famous 1950’s glasses, as well as getting a little closer to the TV.

Also, it’s important to note that all the questions are multiple choice. A work around for this would have been a “On Your Honor” mode, where you say the answer aloud with your co-players and then tell the computer if you got it right or not. I think that’d work really well, because you can’t lie, since all your friends would beat you and strip you naked.

…I mean, you have friends like that too, right?

All in all, absolutely worth $10. A game you can pretty much always pop in with just about any sort of company you may have over.

What did you guys play this weekend?


4 Responses to Weekend Playlist: Trivial Pursuit

  1. 2000prelude says:

    Wolfenstein 3d on my ps3. Great old school fun for $5. Also easy trophies, if you are into that sort of thing.

    Wii Sports Resort. Finally broke down and bought it. Good shit, good shit.

    Bit.Trip Core. Nuff said.

    My wife and I played Bubble Bobble plus on Wii Ware. Game is difficult, but fun with 2 players. We managed to get through all 100 levels in the main game.

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Darklord on Wii Ware. Good tower defense game with a twist on the whole tower defense idea. don’t let “Final Fantasy” fool you, it’s not an RPG.

    That’s aboot it for me.

  2. Philip T. says:

    i just got InFamous from gamefly, so i have been playing that on PS-Triple. and on DS i played somemore Retro Game Challenge, both great games sofar.

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