Zyrx is Coming to the App Store! Get a History Lesson Here.


Aw YEAH! We’ve finished creating Zyrx for your iPhone and iPod touch “electronical” devices! Sorry for using all that techy lingo, bear with me. It’s due out rather soon, but as the application submission process is a bit unpredictable, we don’t have a set date. But soon! We’ll keep you posted.

If you’ve never heard of Zyrx, aw snap, just Google it! It’s only like the most stolen Flash game in the history of the Universe! And, I’m proud to say that we at Robotube Games designed it.

Perhaps you’d like a little history of Zyrx to go with your morning joe?

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The History of Zyrx.

You REALLY want to know where Zyrx came from? Alright, I’ll tell you. Sit back and prepare to hear a tale of orange and white circles, and their magical voyage to the inner core of your memory-thingy in your brain.

Zyrx today is a simple, addicting little brain game that doesn’t attempt to be anything more than that. It won’t blow the doors off the game industry, or freak out your eyeballs with graphical eye candy, but it is a fantastically fun little diversion which we think you’d really enjoy. So where did it come from?

Zyrx was born from a single illustration I made in 2002 when I was living in a small apartment in Yokohama, Japan. Here it is.


The filename was “interesting.gif”. I made this little diagram to help spark an idea. I wanted to create a simple puzzle or brain sort of game based on extremely simple shapes, looking like some sort of piece of modern art, that would have an almost apparent objective without instructions. All I had in my head were circles of different colors.

Playing around with this sketch for about a week finally bore fruit which, at the time, I called “Xyrx”, not yet having spelled it with a “Z” as it is today. People always raise an eyebrow at the name of the game and wonder where on earth it came from. Well, super-secret info here: “Zyrx” is a sort of oversimplified and mutated abbreviation of the word “circles.” (ie. Circles -> Circls ->Zircs -> Zyrx.)

After a little more re-tooling and a lot of playtesting and scrapping some crappy ideas, I finally came up with a complete game I was happy with, and my pals in Japan really enjoyed playing. Thus, the first “Zyrx” was born.



Fun Fact: The smallest Zyrx port ever was just 128x128 pixels, and played on Nokia Mobile Phones.

Fun Fact: The smallest Zyrx port ever was just 128x128 pixels, and played on Nokia Mobile Phones.

In 2004, when Robotube Games decided to try its hand at mobile games, the first game we wanted to port over was Zyrx. To accommodate mobile phone layouts, we squarshed the grid down to a 3×4 grid (deviating from the standard 4×4 design) to correspond with the numeric keypad on a mobile phone.

With this design, you’d just tap away at the keys to light up the dots on the grid. It worked out extremely well, and Zyrx Mobile went on to win an award for Mobile Game Innovation in the AGF Mobile Content Contest held at the South by Southwest Film Festival.

With the steady popularity of Zyrx online and Zyrx Mobile, I decided I wanted to update the original Flash version and modernize a bit, adding a little mascot character for personality. I also added a new “Genius Mode” for seasoned players who wanted a little more of a challenge. “Zyrx Genius Edition” was released in 2006. I named the little mascot guy “Zee.”


Fast-forward to 2009, and that-there iPhone is getting pretty big, we hear. So it only seemed natural to put some tender loving care into an iPhone/iPod Touch port. For our latest Zyrx offering, we decided to use Zyrx Genius Edition as the base design, though we decided not to port over the larger “Genius” grid due to size constraints, and more importantly that the larger grid was not as popular as the original one.


One of the more fun things we did was redesign Zee. In the process, Zee’s true gender becomes a little more clear now. Because there’s nothing more confusing than a video game character with gender issues.

So, here we are now. What’s in store for the future of Zyrx? Well, we’ve got some ideas…perhaps Zee will be hauling her big ol’ orange head to your living rooms at some point…


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