Weekend Playlist: Bit.Trip Racing


It has been a while since we have done a weekend playlist, so I thought I might pipe up and throw one at you. Of course, I spent time playing Bit.Trip Core. But the Wii didn’t take up all of my gaming time this weekend.

Friday night I paid Jason a visit. We dabbled a bit in some classic games, a passion we both share. Then, he broke out a copy of Marble Saga: Kororinpa that Jason got on super clearance. It was surprisingly good. It seems to have lukewarm ratings among the general population, but it is a good simple time waster. For those who never played the original Marble Mania, you manipulate the wii mote in order to manipulate a maze on screen trying to get a marble from beginning to end, sort of similar to those old wooden labyrinth games. The control is accurate and responsive, the graphics are colorful and sharp, the physics are bang on with one possible exception. The marble felt sticky to us, we had to tip the maze pretty far before the marble would slowly start rolling. However, we suspected this was due to the marble being an “easy” marble, and is probably an attempt to make the introduction to the game simpler, we think later marbles won’t have this problem. Here’s a video:

I also spend several hours playing Burnout Paradise on my PS3. This game is a true arcade racing masterpiece. Criterion did a great job putting it together and continuous updates they come out with for it keep it fresh and interesting. One thing I had found to be tough in the game was finding a room full of competent people online to complete the online challenges. This past weekend I was able to meet up with several great players who helped me bang out a ton of challenges. I am a big fan of this game. If you have never played it before I strongly recommend it. You don’t even need to like racing games to get into it (I’m not a big racing fan in general). The base game starts at $20, you really can’t go wrong.

I have been playing Lego Star Wars the Complete Series on my DS as well. I’ve nearly finished it I’m just going back through the levels trying to get all the stuff. The Lego games are really fun, as I’m sure everyone knows. Though, the Wii/PS2/PS3 versions are certainly more detailed than the DS version. This should go without saying. The DS version certainly is able to hold it’s own.

That’s about it for me, anyone out there in Internet-land care to clue us in on what you’ve been playing?


One Response to Weekend Playlist: Bit.Trip Racing

  1. jasoncirillo says:

    Todd, as long as you keep bringing your weird assortment of beers that nobody has ever heard of, you are always welcome at the Robotube Fortress.

    Weird, obscure beers….could there be a Bit Museum sister show in the making? Beer Museum?

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