Bit Museum #4: The Smoke and Mirrors of Entex AdventureVision

It's an AdventureVision....holy crap.

It's an AdventureVision....holy crap.

Just when you thought Jason couldn’t find anything weirder or more obscure! Behold the regal Entex AdventureVision.

Straight outta Compton, the AdventureVision is truly a console to behold. With its mere 40 LED lights and one double-sided spinning mirror (!), this portable console achieves a truly mystifying technique of displaying a 40×150 Pixel display, playing some of your arcade favorites in brilliant monochrome.

Pull up a chair and get your eyedrops ready. The AdventureVision is one of game history’s most fascinating and elusive creatures!

Hit the jump to get squirted in the face with a juicy video stream.


8 Responses to Bit Museum #4: The Smoke and Mirrors of Entex AdventureVision

  1. Chris says:

    Ha! Nice one. So what’s worse, the wobbly mirror LED or MATHEMATICS???

  2. jasoncirillo says:

    Math is worse. I find it to be too heavily based on numbers.

  3. Chris says:


    Try Art Style: Base 10, yet?

    • jasoncirillo says:

      No, but I’ve been wanting a new DSi Ware. Looks like you just sold me!

      PS- You guys want to develop one of my games into DSiWare? ….You DO?! Well, Wonderful!!!

  4. sonic's angry fanboy says:

    There is one console that I would like you to review that I read about in a book called Highscore: The History of Video games, but I have no idea what it’s called.

    It was a 3D handheld produced by Atari & it is not the Lynx, it was made in the early to late 80’s.

    • jasoncirillo says:

      Ah yes. The “Console” you are referring to is the never-released Atari Cosmos, a holographic system that used LEDs with Holographic overlays. The only thing that exists is a non-functioning prototype, and there’s only one. Unfortunately, a review of this suckah will be impossible.

  5. sonic's angry fanboy says:

    Okay, I think I found a better one for you to review.
    How about World’s Of Wonder’s very own Action Max VHS game console.

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