Bit Museum Wins NextTV Award!!

Bit Museum took home the Documentary & News award in the NATPE NextTV award hosted at the LATVFest in Los Angeles, CA!

The Documentary & News Category is Sponsored by TruTV, and as winners, we’ll have the chance to pitch Bit Museum or other slightly questionable ideas to execs at TruTV which is more badass than I have vocabulary for.

I was a little nervous that the fart joke I made in Bit Museum Ep #1 would be offputting, but apparently the judges have very good taste in jokes.

Even though I have said it a few billion times already, I cannot thank everyone enough for their support. The great feedback the show has gotten since day 1 has made this the easiest hard work I’ve ever done. And, we absolutely could not have made such a great show without these folks:

Dennis Peters: Director and Co-Producer
Scott Amore, Innerspace Sound Labs: Editor
Bob Sachetti: Audio Genius
Zack Wiesinger: Theme Music
Jackie Peters: Marketing (And Award Acceptance Speech, nice.)
Ed Wilson: Supporting Characters

Thanks guys!!


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