Bit Museum #4 Is Almost Ready…Super Secret Magical Console Will Blow Your Mind.

Bow Chicka-Bow Wow.

Bow Chicka-Bow Wow.

Yeah, that totally looks like I may have my junk on the table there and I mosaiced it out. I guess in a sense it IS my junk, just not THAT kind of junk.

We always have interesting, wacky and crazy junk on the Bit Museum, and this is perhaps the wackiest and rarest yet. But what could it be? We will be amused by your speculations. Comment away for our amusement.

I know, I know…it’s been a STUPID long time since we put out a new show, but we’re aiming for a release next week. Stay tuned.


6 Responses to Bit Museum #4 Is Almost Ready…Super Secret Magical Console Will Blow Your Mind.

  1. Another Jason says:

    By the height I would have said a vectrex or one of the old single game tabletop games (zaxxon, etc) But you’ve already been over those. And its wackier and rarer then a vectrex.. I can only flout logic and go with a ps2, as its the only thing that is black and tall.

    • jasoncirillo says:

      Fascinating speculation, my good man. Would Bit Museum be so wacky as to feature a more-or-less modern console like the PS2? You shall find out soon enough…

  2. Alex Neuse says:

    JASON! I don’t think it’s the Sega 1000, but I wish it were! In other news, do you like “Weird Al” Yankovic or WHAT!?

  3. jasoncirillo says:

    Hmmm….Weird Al! I think I liked him in the 1980’s but I have no idea what’s happened to him. Why do you ask? Now you have me intrigued.

    Sega 1000….I wish it were too. Or DO I… I mean, do I NOT wish it because it IS…I mean it still may not be….oh nevermind.

  4. If my “junk” was black and square I’d be very worried. Have you seen a doctor about it?

    FWIW I have no idea what that thing could be, but you should definitely cover the Atari XEGS in one of these things. Awesome underrated system!

  5. jasoncirillo says:

    I have seen a doctor. He said it was normal.

    If we can find an Atari XEGS, we will most def cover it.

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