Weekend Playlist: What Rain Will Make People Do


Sorry I was gone for so long, guys. Had family in from Japan and it was a non-stop fun fest here at the Jason house.

So over the weekend, I got some game time in now that things have settled down a bit. Sort of an eclectic weekend, too. With so much rain, I had time to go through old boxes of stuff. Have a gander at my…dum dum da-dum….WEEKEND PLAYLIST!

The Retro Duo

I got this weird piece of kit a couple weeks ago and really didn’t have a chance to put any time into it until now. Quick summary: love it, cures clutter, not perfect, well worth the $30 and change.

This weird little system is nothing new conceptually; Chinese dual NES/SNES systems have been around for a while. However, what this sucker does right is compatibility. Have not found a game yet that doesn’t work great on it, including all FX Chip Games (Starfox, Street Fighter Alpha 2) as well as Castlevania 3 for NES, which has notorious compatibility problems on knock-off systems. One thing I’m let down on is the NES sound. It has a dirty, overdriven sound as if it’s being blasted through a guitar amp on the highest overdrive setting. Some games are better than others while some are downright hard to listen to. Overall, though, nice little system and I’m enjoying it.

Dr. Mario Express, DSiWare

I had some points laying around so I thought I’d give this game a shot. It’s not bad, plays like the NES game almost to a tee. I was disappointed at the lack of any of the following three: Online Multiplayer, Flash Mode, or the “Wii” version where you use the pointer to move the pills. Any one of these would have made the purchase feel so much more justified. Though a solid, good game, I’m left feeling a little like I rebought something I own three-times over already.

Street Fighter IV, PS3

Yeah, yeah. Street Fighter IV. Big surprise. However, I gave the all-new Championship Mode a spin. Don’t have too much to say here because: 1) It doesn’t seem like many people are on it yet and 2) I don’t really get it yet. I need to put more time into it. But hey, I still played me some Street Fighter IV, and that’s always a good thing!

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Demo, PS3

Now this has me nervous. First of all, I was never a huge Marvel vs Capcom fan. Feels way too hectic and insane, and really lacks the subtle strategic nuance of a solid Street Fighter game. Feels more like a Super-Spamming contest than a real fighting game. However, I still casually enjoy it. That said, this demo was a little disapponting for me. Graphically, I’ll be honest, I find it ugly. the new “smoothing” filters they’re using on the characters is visually offensive to me. I know they had to do something, with it being HD and all, but man…it looks downright nasty. I’d rather have it pixellated than smoothed with some sub-par filter. Also, the demo is severely limited (understandably) so it’s really too early to say. Also, some of the “super effects” look really bad now. It feels like an amateur remade MVC2 for the PC as a hobby project. I dunno…please keep in mind that I don’t know much about this game and I may be fully talking out my ass. Plus, to be fair, its just a demo. I’m giving Capcom a chance on this.


One Response to Weekend Playlist: What Rain Will Make People Do

  1. Donovan says:

    Keep going with SFIV Championship mode. It’s the best way to play, IMHO. Doing a ranked match and custom searching for people in my skill level takes forever, but with Championship, you know you’re getting someone that should be around the same skill as you. It is a little confusing though.

    Once you’ve one a match, you’re basically bumped up to the next level in the tournament. Just create a match or search for one and you’ll be paired up for the next level of the tournament. That way, you can take as long as you want (days if need be) before you continue on in the tournament.

    It’s only 3 levels, so you have to win 3 straight games to win, otherwise if you win 2 you get second place and so on.

    As for Marvel vs. Capcom 2, I’ve always been a fan of the original over the ‘Soda + Pop Rocks’ that is the sequel, but you are dead on here. The enhanced graphics are terrible. Also, releasing a local 2-player only demo was not the best move on Capcom’s part. This is for the hard core fans who will play with the graphics options off (probably on an SDTV) for the online play, since it shares its netcode with SSFIITHDR.

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