Weekend Playlist: Not old school, or new school.


It seems Jason has had his mind elsewhere for the past few weeks, so I thought I would step in and do a Weekend Playlist this week. I had a few hours to kill Saturday night and decided I wanted to go older school, but not quite full on, 8-bit, retro school. I thumbed through my Playstation 1 library and see what I could dig up.

There was a period in my life where I went out and bought games, mostly used, and did not play them. It was not that I bought these games with no intention of ever playing them, quite the opposite. I was buying up the back catalog of Playstation games fully intending to play them all. I did not realize my folly, at the time. I entered in to the Playstation game late. I was (and still am), admittedly, a die hard Nintendo fan. I stood by my Nintendo 64, touting the few amazing titles the system had: Super Mario 64, Zelda: OOT, and…umm…yeah, those two. I clung to the hope that the rest of the incredible titles I was used to getting mainlined into my bloodstream with the NES/SNES, were on their way. Sadly, they never came. I still suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

I didn’t buy a Playstation until the ps2 was on the verge of being released. Yes, I resisted that long. I paid $100 for a brand new Playstation and also picked up Chrono Cross. I took it home and played through Crono Cross in about 3 days. I then went to my local Funcoland (eff you Gamestop, Funcoland ruled and you SUCK!) and thumbed through the racks of used PS games. I just started buying. It was like a disease. I couldn’t stop. Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9. Breath of Fire, Legend of the Dragoon, Parasite Eve 1, 2. the list continues on. Most of these games are very lengthy, most span several discs. So it took me time to get through them, meanwhile, many of the games I purchased just sat and collected dust. Still do, to this day.


So this weekend I decided to see what I had in my PS library that I had completely forgotten about. I began scanning the shelf of jewel cases and come across: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. I am lead to understand that this is considered to be one of the best games in the Castlevania series. I have owned it for years and have never played it! I decided that this has to change, right now. I put a few hours into it and am so far enjoying it. It seems to have a similar feel to the more recent Nintendo DS editions of the Castlevania series. Which is just fine with me.


I also found Dragon Warrior 7. I have been a DW fan since the very first one on NES. I have 1-4 on NES, 7 on PS, and 8 on PS2. DW7 is the only one I have never played (well that and 5/6, which I am going to have to track down, now. Anyone know of a translation project for 6?). So I put a few hours into DW 7 as well this weekend, just got the story going. Hopefully I will stick with it all the way through.

Those were the significant games. I did also play a little Super Stardust HD, and some Astro Tripper. I also tried once again, in vain, to complete the Dr. Wiley stage in Mega Man 9. I will complete that game, someday. My nightly routine is to play through a couple puzzles in Picross DS, it can be assumed I am always playing that. Finally, I rocked a little F-Zero on SNES. What are you playing right now?


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