Bloktonik iPhone Update! Now With More Pictures of Hands Holding iPhones!

3-Hit Combo Comin.....oh crap.  Phone call.

3-Hit Combo Comin.....oh crap. Phone call.

Been awhile since I’ve posted an update on our upcoming iPhone game, Blokotnik. All we do is talk about OTHER people’s awesome games, I thought “Wait a minute here….this is MY blog! I’m gonna talk about my OWN damned games for once!”

So here’s where we’re at: all the 2D graphics are done and living happily in the game. Next, we’re moving on to adding some little particle effects and other goodness to the game to give it a little sex appeal. Everyone likes sex. Especially when it involves little pixels blasting out with neat lighting effects on them. (that happens to other people, right?)

You may take a look at our fine physiques and non-discounted hair cuts and think we’re something akin to gods, but alas, we too make mistakes and have troubles. We ran into some minor snafus with the library we used to make some kinda programmy thing (some nonsense I don’t know much about) but we’re spending this week working through that, and by next week we’ll have it squared away. Luckily I just design the games and I have people way smarter than me to write all that math stuff. Those guys got a different word fer’ everythang.

So far it’s playing great and is already addicting and mind-bending, and we aint even done! Our stuff is nice like that. We’re hoping to have it ready soon, and we plan to pimp it at E3 somehow. Colored blocks on a tiny screen may have a hard time competing with half-nude women, but we’ll do our best. I’ll get down to my skivvies if I have to


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