2009 is a Retro Kinda Year

2009 is, simply put, THE year for quality retro game remakes, sequels and revivals. A true sign of retro game respect is not only to make an update or sequel, but to make one that stays true to the original while totally increasing the awesomeness factor with modern technology. When you can step away from it and know that what you played is STILL that favorite game (just now with online multiplayer, particle effects and cell shading), you know you have a winner.

What have we gotten and what will we get? Let’s have a look at the awesomeness for this year:

1) Street Fighter IV

After 10 years, Street Fighter comes back and makes the inevitable leap to 3D. This was the time…it had to be done. Admit it, we were all nervous as hell about SF going 3D, but I’ll be damned, Capcom pulled this off with such grace and beauty, it’s simply balls-out terrific.

2) Punch-Out!! Wii

If 10 years seemed like a long time to wait for a Street Fighter Game, waiting for a new Punch Out seemed like an eternity. What’s it been, like 20 years since Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, and 15 since Super Punch Out? Whatever, because this May, the next installation is finally coming. And holy bejeebus does it look absolutely stunning. Punch Out gameplay is intact, the good stuff remains undestroyed, but now it’s in sweet, silky cell shading with animation that will blow the tits off you. I am so ready to get infuriated by Soda Popinski it’s not even funny. (Wasn’t very funny 20 years ago, either.)

3) Space Invaders Extreme 2

Space Invaders Extreme. Enough said. Now we get even more of it. Space Invaders FINALLY done right since it was originally done right in 1978. Coming soon to a DS near you.

4) Wii Virtual Console Arcade

This took me by complete surprise, but it’s something I hoped for since VC was revealed a few years back. Already we’ve got a handful of Namco and Taito goodies, with more on the way. Little girl-like squeals: check.

5) Samurai Shodown Anthology

Samurai Shodown is a pisser game. Always has been, always will be. And now every sexy 2D entry in the franchise comes home on one shiny disc for the console of your choice. If this were a box set of actual Neo Geo carts, and this was 1995, the retail cost would be roughly $2,000. I’m gonna go with the $30 Wii disc. I still, however, am keeping my high top fade and my Kid n’ Play posters.

…and you’ve already read some of our reviews of some fantastic retroesque WiiWare and PS3 releases under our New Classics column.

And there’s still MORE awesome crap on the way….I haven’t even listed it all. What retroesque gaming goodies are you looking forward to, or have you already picked up this year?


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