Weekend Playlist: Graphical Juxtaposition

Well, here we are again, you tens of millions of loyal readers. Another weekend come and gone. This week I’m tacking this column on a Sunday night, cause I’m looking at a stupid-busy week ahead of me.

Check out what I was up to over this Springy-kinda weekend. (I should have been outside more!)

Street Fighter IV

Wanted: Stretchy Limbed Indian.  Must love kids.

Wanted: Stretchy Limbed Indian. Must love kids.

More SF, folks. I started the weekend with 1200 battle points, and I end it with FIVE HUNDRED. Why? Because I decided to stop using Ryu and switch to Gouken. I am learning how to use him the hard way. (Yes, I know I can play non-ranked matches or against the CPU, but then I don’t try as hard.) I’m pretty fascinated by Gouken….he’s hard to play for now, but I see some serious potential here. I press on…

Bit. Trip Beat

And here's where things get zany.  And zesty.

And here's where things get zany. And zesty.

You may have read my earlier write up about BTB. I love it. Worth every bit of my 600 points (you see what I did there?) It’s Space Invaders Extreme for Pong. Bloody fantastic game. I beat level 1, and nearly tore my face off playing level 2. I have to take a break and pick this back up again next weekend. Can’t wait to see what other treats Gaijin have up their sleeves for Wii Ware. Not only are they great designers, they’re pretty stand-up guys with a penchant for booze and fart jokes. How do I not love them? (Guys, I’ll give you a dollar if you let me do something on your next game.)

The New Wii 4.0 Menu

Isn’t this silly? I love the new 4.0 menu. Why? Because It’s like I discovered 20 some-odd games I forgot I friggin’ owned. I won’t get into every single game I played (again) but it was alot. Finally, Nintendo. Finally. Now bring me Punch Out, quick.

…how ’bout you? What were you up to, game-wise?


2 Responses to Weekend Playlist: Graphical Juxtaposition

  1. MIKE says:

    We only except Turkish Lira for sevices of this nature.

  2. 2000prelude says:

    My gaming this past week(end) has been limited, unfortunately, due to one of my classes ending and me having to concentrate on the final project. Also, as you mentioned, it was a springy weekend and I have tons of yard work I need to do.

    That said, I did get some in. I completed Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty. Good game, I’m a long time R&C fan and this didn’t disappoint, except that it was so short. Bring a PSN download game, and only $15, I knew it was going to be shorter than the full length releases I’ve been used to, but I didn’t realize it was going to be THIS short. I think I completed it in 5 or 6 hours total.

    Played BTB as well. you think level 2 makes you want to rip your face off? Try level 3. After struggling with level 2 I finally, finally completed it, only to get DESTROYED in less than 1 minute on level 3. Gaijin, you guys are awesome, and BTB is amazing, but damn, you are trying to kill me.

    More Astro Tripper, I just can’t stop playing.

    Finally, I put an hour or so into Oblivion this weekend. It’s the first game I got for my shiny new PS3, and I love it, but have been neglecting it lately in favor of playing other things. Picked it right back up, though. finished a step on the main quest and a couple side quests. I can’t wait to see Elder Scrolls V.

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