Bit Museum Sponsors Wanted!

What have you got to lose?  Buy my product?

What have you got to lose? Buy my product?

Hey there, you savvy business types. Come on over for a second. Look, here’s the deal: you got something you want to sell, we got this here video series we want to keep making. But you know how it is…stuff costs money. Bit Museum costs some money to make. But I hear you have this fab new thing you want to sell to gamers, and boy, do we have gamers. The GOOD kinds of gamers! Sophisticated gamers…gamers who’ve been at gaming for a while. Gamers who appreciate game history and fine wines and film noir and sticky, soft cheeses.

If you’re interested in advertising with Bit Museum, we have all kinds of crazy deals we can set up. Jason there will drink your soda, flash all kinds of gratuitous images on the big screen TV, hell…he’ll wear your new “So-Soft Underwire Bra” if the price is right. (Here’s a hint…it’s not hard to make that price right.)

Sound interesting? Hit the jump to find out more.

If you wanna talk turkey, give us a call at (203) 624-4117. Seriously…you can stop by our office in Santa Monica and drink our coffee if that’s going to help.

You can also “Electronic Mail” us at jason[[at]] if you want more info. We want nothing more than to work together. And by work together, we mean “make loads and loads of stinky, glorious cash together.”


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