Twiistup 5 Hyjinx

I had the honor to attend this year’s Twiistup show in Santa Monica, CA. It was pretty rad. I walk in, and I am hit with an open bar and free hand rolled cigars. What happened after that is pretty much anyone’s guess.


Check this out….the Bit Museum logo projected on the giant central screen. Bad ass. Thanks to Animoto!

I sneak in2 ur pix while ur sleeping.

I sneak in2 ur pix while ur sleeping.

Here’s me ruining the GirlGamer photo-op for LAWeekly. Sorry, guys. Mike Prasad and Alexandra Mokh ran a fantastic booth equipped with Arcade Games and Rock Band. Stay Tuned to for more from these guys.


Here’s Dennis Peters (famed Bit Museum director) and I (famed Bit Museum jackass). This is before Dennis and got into the show and met up with not only the rest of the Heavybag Crew, but also cigars and booze.


…and here is the “after” version. Violet, that is NOT my hand, just so you know.

Twiistup was awesome. Hope I can make it out next year!


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