The In Crowd

Posted by: Antonio Manuel

What the hell is it with the gaming industry and its writers? I’ve already read several reviews for Killzone 2 and a good number of them refer to some “infamous” demonstration from 2005 or 2006. What about that demonstration? What was so infamous about it? Care to elaborate?

I’m not an industry insider. I don’t eat, sleep, breathe and crap games. I don’t follow every last worthless tidbit. I have a life outside of games. I’ve seen references to Killzone 2 here and there over the past couple of years but paid virtually no attention to the game. I’m a little more interested now because I now happen to own a PS3 and the reviews thus far seem overwhelmingly positive.

I’ve read countless reviews for a wide variety of things. When comparisons are made key points tend to be called out and explained. Rarely do I find myself lost, trying to infer a meaning based on a reference I know little about. When those references are made they usually are explained.

In the end I chalk it up to poor writing. The writer has established a premise that there was something about that demonstration which has somehow affected expectations for the final version of the game. However, they fail to explain what was questionable about the demonstration and then fail make any further connections between the two. So why even bring it up?

Perhaps I’m being overly sensitive, but I already find the writing on a lot of these big gaming sites to be quite atrocious, like a crappy high school book report written 20 minutes before class… Written with crayon… On a few squares of toilet paper… Used toilet paper.


2 Responses to The In Crowd

  1. 2000prelude says:

    Adam Sessler, who is, at the moment, about the only thing G4 has going for it, released a video recently dealing with Killzone 2. Specifically fanboys whining and moaning about it. It’s a little off topic for this post, but it’s a great video. Cheggitout.

  2. MrGYoureSwell says:

    Ha! Well, unfortunately I don’t have much of a life outside of video games. I’d be happy to clue you in Mister Cirillo! During E3 2005 Sony debuted two “target video” trailers for two of their exclusive Playstation 3 titles. The first was for Motorstorm. It really appeared to be photo-realistic dirt bikes racing in mud. Looked fantastic if not impossible. The second was some freaking ridiculous footage for Killzone 2. It showed a scripted sequence with explosions and gunfire with a “floating-gun first-person-perspective” that I suppose was only put in there to give it some air of authenticity. We all knew it was pre-rendered, a truth that Sony has since admitted to. I’ve played the (painfully short) Killzone 2 demo. And I believe they’ve met if not exceeded the promises of their “infamous” 2005 target video. Oh yeah, also the game is fun, if anyone still cares about that.

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