Bit Museum #3: The Wizard of Odyssey



“No, mom! I said an Atari 2600! Look at the picture in the Sears WishBook! Come on, it doesn’t look anything like this!”

Sound familiar? Perhaps it was your own whiny lament on a Christmas morning some decades ago. But buck up! The Magnavox Odyssey 2 was a worthy contender to the Atari 2600, and while it couldn’t stand up against ol’ Wood Grain, it was still a moderately successful Generation 2 cartridge-based game system.

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We take a quick look at the Magnavox Odyssey 2 Hardware, a couple games, and a brief history lesson of this weird but neat-o machine.Also, check out our special guest….I mean, OUR SPECIAL GUEST!!!!

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7 Responses to Bit Museum #3: The Wizard of Odyssey

  1. 2000prelude says:

    Basketball! Made me lawl.
    Special guest eh? I feel like I’ve met that guy before….

  2. ruiner9 says:

    What a crazy freakin’ console! I totally agree on that “flat” feeling, though…. it may look like the atari 2600 stuff, but it doesn’t seem to have the love that went into every Atari game. Ah well…. if things had been different, the PS3 might be competing with the Odyssey 17 by this point. With a full qwerty keyboard and DVD’s with HANDLES on them. If such a thing is even possible….

    Yer MOM’s got HANDLES! rofl

  3. Excellent episode!

    I had an Odissey when I was a kid. It was released here in Brasil by Phillips, and I had an uncle who worked at Phillips at that time. I had loads of games, including basketball, and this thing about the gravitational field never left my mind 🙂

    Just one thing, you really should have mentioned this game:

    I still think this game is fun, and the packaging was just superb, even by today’s standards. I was really stupid for selling this to a friend.

  4. Ian Morris says:

    Thanks for this great video. I had this system when I was a kid and I spent countless hours trying to convince my friends that it was actually better than their Atari 2600 systems. Despite its shortcomings, a lot of the games were really fun.

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