Geometry Wars!


Ahh Geometry Wars, about the only thing on Xbox I’d find worth playing. Thankfully, I don’t need to own an Xbox in order to play it! Jason and I have been fans of the Wii and DS versions of this game for a while now. The DS version, in particular, is to blame for countless hours of my life passed, never to return. Just look at the absolute chaos in the screenshot above! (disclaimer: I believe that’s the Xbox version pictured, but the point remains).

Recently, I stumbled upon a flash version of GW. It’s called “Space Pips” and is a fairly faithful representation of the original. The enemy ships are mostly the same as you’d find on GW. It may not be perfect, but it’s a nice distraction. give it a shot! If you have never played GW before, give Space Pips a try and, if you like it, grab the console version. The console versions are very nicely polished and great for retro fans.

Space Pips!


2 Responses to Geometry Wars!

  1. qubitsu says:

    Grid Wars 2 is another Geometry Wars clone that I really like. I’ve spent many hours blasting away in the OS X version (and on the website there appear to be Windows and Linux versions as well!)

  2. ruiner9 says:

    Annnnd once you’ve all gotten tired of shooting at neon shapes, go ahead and try Crimsonland, the game upon which GM was pretty much based on. It’s a little deeper, however. The characters are human and monsters, and there are weapon powerups and different guns with different abilities. I think it was pretty much responsible for me getting through really boring days at Nextel without losing my sanity.

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