Street Fighter 4 Limited Edition Arcade Fightstick


Looks like I am going to have to post about this. I told our illustrious blog leader about it and he grabbed his crotch and ran into the bathroom. It seems Madcatz has landed a deal that allows them to manufacture, in limited quantities, of course, the official arcade controller for Street Fighter 4. More info and a video of the un-boxing inside.

Now, I’ll admit, I am not such a huge fan of Street Fighter. I’ve played it, I even bought SF2 Turbo for SNES many years ago. I just suck at it. However, this controller is so sweet, even I would be coerced into the loving arms of SF4 by it’s beauty. It does come at a price though.

One Hundred, Fifty US Dollars. Yep, that’s what it’ll cost you to own one of these sweet controllers. But it doesn’t just look good, it uses “the exact Sanwa joystick and 30mm buttons found in official Street Fighter IV arcade machines, along with realistic spacing and an eight-button layout”. It is available for either PS3 or Xbox360, and can be pre-ordered now. This thing is incredible, here is a video of the unboxing.


2 Responses to Street Fighter 4 Limited Edition Arcade Fightstick

  1. Derek V says:

    Good buttons/stick, I dunno about that Madcatz business though. Everything I ever bought with their name on it always had controls that felt a bit off to me…Good looking stick though.

  2. tg says:

    Whether you want it or not, pre-ordering as many of these as you could get your hands on would have been a smart move. Pre-orders are all sold out now, and ebay is already starting to crawl with people making $100 profits flipping them…

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