Well, that didn’t take long…


It would appear the problems that the US version of Club Nintendo suffers from continue. Japan has had it for years. It was announced for the US in October, and all of us Nintendo fanboys (of which I am a proud member) waited, balanced between euphoria and insanity, for the day when our favorite company would give us Club Nintendo. It has since been launched and…what the hell happened?

For years I’ve read on other gaming blogs about the unbelievably cool stuff that Club Nintendo members in Japan got. Exclusive games not otherwise available for purchase, SNES-style controllers that plugged into the wii-mote, and who knows what other wonders were things we here in the states could only dream of…..or spend ridiculous amounts of money on e-bay to get our hands on. Even Europe got “Nintendo VIP” in 2002, despite the fact it was a bastardized version of Club Nintendo. Until recently, we had no club of our own to give us cool swag just for buying games and systems. Then, one day, behold! Club Nintendo is launched! Oh, wait a second, it doesn’t work…

I have no idea what is going on a NoA headquarters, but I imagine it involves a lot of alcohol. Club Nintendo, while great in theory, has enjoyed a less than stellar launch. Professor Cirillo has already lectured on this in an earlier post so I won’t go into great detail. However, it seemed for a while that most of the problems CN was suffering from were fixed. Until today, when I went to log-in only to find that the club was down! Down for….maintenance?

Seriously Nintendo, what gives?



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