‘Tis the season….for chip tunes!


I am about to reveal just how retro gamer nerdy I am. I love chip tunes, I listen to the music played on game systems of the past regularly. Hell, my cell phone ring tones are the level music for several Mega Man 2 stages. I know, it’s that bad. There are those out there much more creative than I am keeping the old NES sound processor alive and well by writing new music on an old medium. There is an entire scene out there for this kind of stuff, and I love it. There are even holiday albums available for FREE! More inside and links to downloads.

Doctor Octoroc has made his complete holiday album available for nothing! There is, of course, the obligatory virtual cup being held out for those kind enough to offer a few dollars for Doc Oc’s work. Hell for $15, the good doctor will send you an actual CD! Check him out here.

That not enough for ya? Mafialligator has you covered with not just one, or even two, but THREE solid Christmas albums full of holiday classics. You will feel like it’s 1985 and you are playing Santa’s Midnight Run on your brand new NES, so new you don’t even have to blow into the cartridges yet! Mafialligator’s web site is above, he does a lot more than just Christmas music, however all of the Christmas stuff can be found wrapped in a neat little package HERE!

Have a great holiday everyone!


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