Sorry…currently not quite regular.


Is your blog feeling sluggish? Not quite as regular as it used to be? So is ours. It’s just the holidays and we’re kicking back to take a little break, play some games, and delight in the season’s fine delicacies; so much so that getting near a camera to film a new Bit Museum would require a forklift. A greased forklift.

(The grease isn’t to lubricate our being loaded onto it…it’s something for us to munch on while being wheeled to the set.)

Anyway, in January, we’re filming and editing new episodes of Bit Museum nearly ALL MONTH! In the meantime, we’ll stick in an update when we can, and if you’re really good, maybe even an episode of Bit Museum’s small-statured, fast-talking cousin, Peek Poke.

Slappy Holidays to all! We love you. In a “man-hug” sort of way.


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