You Can’t Say That on Webivision


There is a great article posted over at GameDaily that every aspiring game journo, blogger, or general asshat should read. It’s a list of words you’re not allowed to use in 2009 when writing about games. My personal favorite is “Meh.” I would like a tally of how much space on web servers all across the world are taken up with the word “Meh,” which is essntially 3 characters (4 if you add a period) of saying absolutely NOTHING. I would surmise terrabytes upon terrabytes. If you have no better way to review a game title than with “Meh,” then just save your energy. Damnit all, you jerks went and made me use the word “Meh” three times just to repremand you! Crap, NOW IT’S FOUR!


One Response to You Can’t Say That on Webivision

  1. pr0vidence says:

    Meh. I meh-ed when I read this completely meh-able post about meh-ing. So, meh. There, I meh-ed more in 2 sentences than you meh-ed in that whole paragraph…..on meh-ing.

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