Club Nintendo Goes Live, Is a Total Mess


Good lawd, Nintendo. I sign in, you transfer my registered games from my old account, I get coins, you send me plastic stuff. It should have been easy.

Well, OK, maybe not THAT easy, but holy hell, Nintendo….aren’t you supposed to test stuff before you launch it? I’ve attempted now maybe 10 times (I have a lot of time on my hands tonight) and I have not successfully registered a single game or had my previous registrations transferred. What’s up with this craziness? Anyone else had any luck with this abomination?

Nintendo knows how to make games. Websites…not so much.

Club Nintendo


2 Responses to Club Nintendo Goes Live, Is a Total Mess

  1. pr0vidence says:

    Club Nintendo has been something I have been waiting for for many, many years. Basically as soon as I discovered there was a club Nintendo in Japan I hungered to be part of such a glorious clan. Imagine, to be sent free Nintendo knick-knacks just for buy tons of Nintendo gear, something I do anyway. nothing but win for me.

    Today my dreams came true, sleepy eyed I woke, bathed, ate, drove to work, and began my morning routine of checking gaming web sites among others to see what happened since the night before. Oh joy! club nintendo is up!

    This happiness lasted for about 30 seconds until I actually navigated over to the CN site. Pure, unadulterated, poop. I diligently went about my business signing up for the service. I couldn’t wait to see how many coins my dozens of already registered games and systems were going to net me. However, every time I clicked a link, the site forgot who I was and asked for my login credentials, over, and over, and over.

    That was this morning, now, it doesn’t even know who I am. If I try to login it says “who the hell are you? go away, you have no business here. What? You purchased how many games? I’m sorry, that clearly is one too few to be a member of our elite. Piss off”. Well, not exactly in those words, but that’s the jist of it anyway.

  2. jasoncirillo says:

    Why aren’t you blogging here? 🙂

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