Game Center Banks Charge You Coins In Your Own Home

Tabletop electronic games are alive and well…but now they’re charging your ass per-play.

These two Game Center Banks straight outta Japan feature Breakout and Tetris, and will cost you a coin (of any kind) per play. Ingenious. In the same vein as Excalibur’s new Space Invaders and Frogger Tabletops, these units also use Coleco’s tried-and-true 1980’s case mold. Check out Peek/Poke #1 for more on that.

The user’s manual actually includes an agreement that obligates you to send all the coins in the bank to the manufacturer once every month. (Nah, I’m just messin’ with ya.) Each game can already start taking your money at $40 apiece. Buy here.

Hit the Jump for a “YouTube” moving picture video film show.


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