The $2,000 Super Mario Bros Game


I remember a time when you could go to Funcoland (remember that place?) and buy Super Mario Bros. for a penny. So it may come as a surprise that there is a Super Mario Bros. game out there that fetches a cool two grand; a sure-fire road to quick divorce conveniently packaged in a little yellow box.

Back in 1987, Nintendo made only 10,000 of these babies as contest prizes. The history behind them is pretty interesting, and the gameplay is deeper than you might expect for a simple LCD Game & Watch.

On our next episode of Peek/Poke (coming soon!) we’ll do an in-depth review of this insanely rare Game & Watch from Japan, and feature Gameplay video, an in-depth history on the game, and of course, my awesome sense of humor which will probably have me squeeze in a bodily function joke or obscene sound effect for good measure.

Stay tuned.


One Response to The $2,000 Super Mario Bros Game

  1. pr0vidence says:

    I am want. Find me one, I will mortgage my house to pay for it.

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