Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix


Downloadable content just keeps getting sexier and sexier and sexier. And the names get proportionately longer with the sexiness, apparently.

A fan of Street Fighter from back in my High School Days, this graphical update to one of my all-time favorite video games has sent tingly feelings down my back and a great deal of the way down my pants as well. Capcom, in partnership with the artists at Udon comics, have done an outstanding job with this release. The online mode is something I remember wishing I could do with my SNES back in 1992. If someone told me back then that an arcade experience at home like this would someday be possible, I would have just hibernated and slept for 16 years. Of course I would have probably starved to death, and if I survived, woken up in a horrible state, probably full of festering wounds from all manner of rodents who gnawed at my flesh all those years.

Tournament mode is particularly fun (I’ve won one already, ah thank you.) Voice chat’s there too, and I am particularly fond of the arcade style in which online has been implemented. Watch the other matches while you wait your turn, winner stays. Though now at home, the loser doesn’t even have to pay! Who could ask for anything more?

There are some places I think the clean-up crew in the art department could have touched up a bit, perhaps they’ll address these issues in later updates. Some of the player’s feet seem to wiggle around and vibrate as if the individual cells of animation were not properly placed. Akuma seems to have this problem particularly. Now If Capcom wants to really release a bad-ass update, they’ll add a bonus character, like Gouken, to hype people for SFIV.

Don’t even get me started on SFIV. My whole face will blow up with awesomeness overload.


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