Space Invaders Get Even for WiiWare

Space Invaders Get Even

So I gave in and downloaded the new Space Invaders offering on WiiWare. I am a complete Space Invaders freak. If Taito sold dog turds molded into shapes of Space Invaders, I would buy said turds.

All that aside, Taito surprises yet again with another wildly updated game in the Space Invaders franchise. After dealing with years and years of lackluster Space Invaders releases (Space Invaders DS? Come on, Taito. You still owe me for that) the 30 Year Anniversary releases have been pretty impressive. Space Invaders Extreme on the DS and PSP is still something to behold, just as much fun to play now as it was the day it was released. So how does S.I.G.E. hold up?

The first thing I noticed is that this really is a Space Invaders themed game rather than a true Space Invaders gameplay modeled title. In this release, you play as the invaders, piloting the mysterious UFO over a landscape, destroying as much stuff as you possibly can in a set amount of time. Each stage has missions, and at the end of 2 stages, you engage in a boss battle. Interesting enough concept, for sure.

Essentially, it’s a free-for-all shoot-em-up melee, with free movement and 360 degree scrolling. You deploy the invaders to attack the Earth Force cannons, vessels, towers, tanks and even buildings selecting from various attack patterns, all the while protecting the UFO from damage. Minimal waggle, most of the control is via Nunchuck. Thank heavens…I’ll leave my body movement to Wii Sports/Wii Fit.

Definitely a fun game, addicting, fun and chaotic. The kicker is that you have to pay for missions 2 and 3 at 500 Wii Points apiece. I don’t find that to be too sinful, especially since people are happily paying 500 points for a 25 year old NES game. The graphics and build quality are beautiful enough to warrant paying your initial 5 bucks, and then if you like it, hey, shell out the other 10 for extended play.

There’s an online leaderboard with the snazzy feature of competing worldwide for scores, which I like a lot. I always feel a sad satisfaction knowing my score is better than ANYONE’s score in Japan.

If you’re an S.I. freak like me and own at least 1 pair of Space Invaders socks like me, you need this game. If you’re not sure, it’s only 5 bucks to give it a shot. The real killer is the 700 blocks it will eat up if you download all 3 missions. Yowza.


One Response to Space Invaders Get Even for WiiWare

  1. I remember the old space invaders game. Until I recently got a Wii, the last system I bought was a NES.

    This sounds like a totally different Space Invaders game than the one I remember, but you sound like you really liked it.

    My Wii only came with Wii Sports and I am wondering what other games you would recommend. Would this be one of the first ones you would get?

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