I need a bike.

I’ve been walking so much in the last few days that my feet feel like they’re going to explode. Or vaporize. Whichever would be more dramatic.

I guess it’s for the better, however, since I’ve eaten so much in the last few days that I need to work it off. Last night we had Yakiniku and it was probably too awesome…I ate more than my share and needed to turn to some Japanese stomach medecine, which also turned out to be awesome. I’ll have to pick some of that up before I leave.

So I’ve been here just over a week, and I’ve done so much that it feels like I’ve been living here for months just like the old days. It’s nice to think I still have almost 3 more weeks of Fun in the Land of the Risin’ Sun.

I’ll be in Yokohama next week for several days of doing nothing but acting like a total jackass with my old pals…that should be sweet. Plus the ramen up there is seriously worth sticking your arm in a meat grinder for, so I am totally looking forward to that as well. The ramen, not the meat grinder thing.


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