I can’t believe how many Japanese people there are here.

Here in Japan, that is. Yes folks, I’m back in Japan yet again. That makes 7 times I’ve come to Japan total in 12 years. That’s a lot. I’ve been really busy since I got here a few days ago, not to mention totally jetlagged. As my sleepiness starts to fade away, I’ll post more here on the blog. Until then, enjoy the few photos I’ve uplaoded to Flickr (on the right there) and expect many more to come.

Today was spent well shopping with the wife and sister in law, and wrapped up with an amazing spread of freshly-caught sashimi at aunt and uncle’s place. Now I’m back and plan to kick back with a little DS Mejikara Training and rest up for another day of adventures in the city.

To my pals back home: shitloads of Nintendo goods to be found in almost every place that accepts Yen. I almost don’t know where to start…hopefully I have the money to afford to buy stuff for you…..to buy off me.


One Response to I can’t believe how many Japanese people there are here.

  1. ruiner9 says:

    Of course, what would REALLY interest your readers (all two of them haha) is some pics of these supposed Nintendo treasure troves you’ve discovered. Do you plan on hitting Akihabara at all?

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